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Hip & Knee

Our hip & knee specialist, Prof Paul Lee is highly skilled in managing and treating degenerative to extremely traumatic conditions of these joints. His approach is tailored to what the patient needs while matching their expectations.



Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Platelet Rich Plasma - Injection Therapy

Platelet rich plasma is an innovative treatment in sports and orthopaedic medicine, PRP uses your own blood for healing muscle, tendon and ligament injuries. Find out more here.


Lipogems is a game changing regenerative medicine therapy that can be used to treat a wide range of orthopaedic conditions.

Find out more about Lipogems here.


Bracing if used correctly can be an effective alternate to surgery. Our consultant surgeon best advices the right brace for your condition and helps you understand the dynamics of the brace to help with your pain relief.


Our consultant surgeons will best advice what supplements and vitamins you should be taking to help maintain and strengthen your bone and cartilages.


Surgical Treatment Options

Hip Replacement

S.P.A.I.R.E. is the surgical approach used by Prof Paul Lee (after much review) for a total hip replacement. It offers you the functional benefits of the posterior approach, facilitating early mobilisation with reduced risk of dislocation (Hanly et al 2017). This technique has the benefit of avoiding cutting the abductor complex as well as preserving both gemelli, obturator internus and piriformis tendons (quadriceps coxae).

Knee Replacement

For knee replacement surgery, the GoldenSteps with its medial-pivot design replaces the native structure of the knee regaining back normal motion and stability of the joint. With over 95% patient satisfaction and 98.8% survivorship at 17 years.

More information on the GoldenStep.

ACL Reconstruction

ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) reconstruction usually involves significant disruption and damage to the knee and a long period of rehabilitation. At The Sports & Injury Clinic, Prof Paul Lee’s approach of a single hamstring harvest involves strengthening the pre-stretched tendon biomechanically thus reducing recovery time.  Superior fixation ensures an stronger stability of the ACL for return to play activities and a reduced risk of re-injury.

Orthopaedic Surgeon Prof Paul Lee discusses Surgical Treatment Options available at The Sports & Injury clinic. You can get in touch with us directly for further information.

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